I went to Ulpan (the school for studying Hebrew). 2 times a week for a 3 hours. It’s hard to me to speak unknown words. The same as it was with English (now it’s a bit easier, I’m trying to not be shy).

There is a funny thing about Ulpan. In the middle school (more than 15 years ago) teachers sometimes called me Maxim because of my elder brother. And here, in Ulpan, a teacher called me several times Maxim because of another student from some other group. Just like in old times :)

And one more thing. People don’t change. At least me. I have the same behavior as it was 15 years ago, I prefer to sit on a certain place, I sit half turned, trying to help everyone and behave just like 15 years ago. Weird :)

This post in Russian.