• Very chill interview in general. It felt like Elon was talking about whatever he wanted.
  • Onion became too left, “babylon bee is less right than onion is left”.

The Earth is far from overpopulated.

  • Interesting calculations about how much GW/sq. km produces Solar vs Nuclear (because no one wants to live around Nuclear plant).
  • “Fair share” via taxes and Net Good that his companies provide. It’s generally important discussion, but doesn’t seem to be too relevant to Elon, because he doesn’t do much outside of his businesses. It’s not like he pours taxless money into political/luxurious/wtf stuff.

    I’ve said at various times that I think the stock price is too high, but… investors just ignored that.

  • Hilarious examination of how Batman is more of a squirrel than a bat :) Plus some engineering behind Batman’s ability to use hook to lift himself (“too much of cable”).
  • Interesting to see how Elon on each round of interviews (after long period of silence/active work) comes up with few “new” ideas. Apparently he thought about it recently. Now it’s an idea of the deprecation of the regulations (same idea was aired on recent Lex Fridman podcast):

    There is a strong forcing function for creating new laws and regulations, but weak forcing functions for getting rid of bad (outdated) laws and regulations.

  • Jesus talk in the end was good: about accepting basic ideas etc. And in general, a lot of fun stuff about religion at the end of the episode.
  • Elon is genuinely funny, a lot of fun stories and takes by him.