• Despite all interesting conversations about books, philosophies etc. — it’s actually hard to carry something out of it. Just nice conversation overheard.
  • “Take a leap” — Lex about moving to Austin (quitting convenient life of MIT professor etc.) Very relatable stuff.

Lex: Joe Rogan’s wife, David’s (Goggins) wife made me realize that I really want to be married…

  • Amazing idea (roughly, misquoting, etc.) that to be able to have a proper political discussion about candidate, you should be able to say at least one good thing, genuinely, about each one of them. Otherwise, it leads to tribalism and immediate dismissal, which are not productive.

    Michael: … it’s just a bad strategy. If you can’t figure out why half the country is voting for someone you guard is like a demon. Well, how are you gonna supposed to fight this demon.

  • National Divorce (tm), the idea of Michael from 2016. It’s an interesting topic, but I think it’s a dumb idea (which doesn’t mean it won’t be implemented). The world should unite, not divide.
  • Name all Presidents? OMG, why is this important? :D
  • Good life advice:

    Be valuable to those who are around you.

  • Another point - be wary of people who roll over eyes when you say that you love, for example, Avril Lavigne. If it brings joy and happiness to you - stick to it. It’s actually younger me sin, which I’m now aware of (trying at least). I also listen rarely to some music that I’d roll over eyes :P