• I really like Mark Normand, his humor, his comedy.
  • Mark Normand grew up in New Orleans. Upbringing was tough (bullies, crime etc.). Some stories from JRE.
  • Lex asked about the process of writing a joke, about bombing, improvement etc. More or less generic stuff, but still.
  • Interesting thoughts about starting out: you have to think about your appearance a lot, how people perceive you may affect which jokes you’ll be able to tell (otherwise people may dismiss your jokes, because it won’t feel natural coming from you.)

Lex: It’s not actually the fastest sperm… I think a lot of this timing and luck, what it seems like. There’s actual papers on this and I’ve actually been reading them :)

  • Lex asked few rapid random questions. Actually, very interesting ones. Like:

What small act of kindness were you once shown that you’ll never forget?

  • Another question about how to live life:

I think the key to life is living that fucking crazy awesome badass and also having some… meaning and a little bit of… what’s the word? Just not killing yourself!

  • From the stolen bike story from the childhood — it’s very important and powerful to just have “Someone on your side”, it means a lot for a child (not only).