• Tim basically tried to raise all the questions that either controversial or something that a lot of people want to know about Joe.
  • About trans-fighter controversy. Joe again reiterated what he been saying before, with the emphasis on one thing: for him it should be clear, that trans-women is trans, not hidden, and then women fighters will decide for themselves whether they want to compete against or not. In other sports it’s much more complicated as other athletes don’t have a choice (like in swimming).
  • Vaccines and treatments. Joe not against vaccines, but questions why early treatments are being shut down (something about artificial decrease in availability in US). And, of course, ivermectin (I don’t want to repeat, it’s too unclear topic, I tweeted about it few times).
  • Tim Dillon: Sputnik is the best vaccine, Joe: It’s good. OMG :) (it’s probably good, though, but it’s hilarious)

Tim: Loving me is like golfing with Candide Owens and going “I love blacks”.

  • Joe started comedy in ‘88, interesting times.
  • Spotify is doing stuff well, according to Joe. He stopped being afraid of cencorship from the Youtube when he moved to Spotify. At the beginning viewership decreased two time, but after one year it increased compared to what was before Spotify. So, business is good.
  • And about Fauci and his gain of function research. They feel that he is in the corner now. Will see.