• Very hard to listen, because this guy doesn’t want to give straight answers, it’s all very vague and with a lot of

  • Google ability to “block Internet” or anything on Internet:

    • Chrome is the most popular browser, belongs to G;
    • Search engine (obviously);
    • Siri uses Google search underneath;
    • Firefox checks Google’s blacklist for each site (it sounds misleading a bit, because it doesn’t directly go to Google, it downloads “blacklist” periodically and compares locally against it, which is not the same as sharing all your browsing data, which may be implied, and there is no runtime dependency on Google here);
    • Safari goes to Google’s blacklist and get information about search (WAT?! That’s can’t be true that Apple is sharing used data on this scale):

      Safari before they take you anywhere they got to check Google’s blacklist. So not only Google is getting information about your search in Safari, the fact is if Google wants to block you from going there… they just add it to their blacklist.

  • That’s a piece of false information:

    Yahoo stop crawling the Internet about five years ago… they take their content from Google…

    WOW, it contradicts his own claims that Yahoo/Bing don’t have democratic bias as Google has. Probably just a mistake, but it’s much harder to listen further…

  • Ok, then it’s went to conspiracy about how big Google is comparing to simple politicians. I don’t buy it. It’s either politicians don’t care, or they are in it together (and I guess our view on what “it” is — differs).

Anyway, it was hard to get through this podcast and be relaxed, so I decided not to continue.