• How Lex gets guest? Most very busy people comes through their relatives that fans of the podcast.

    House ownership people often use as an excuse to get complacent, to limit yourself.

  • Crypto is maybe a revolution to a monetary system (will see).
  • About Putin… I have very mixed feelings when I hear Lex talking about modern Russia and Putin. On one hand, it’s interesting to hear his take. But then, as a highly opposing person to a Putin/Putin’s regime, it’s also hard to hear that he almost entirely disregards all the crazy stuff about what’s happening in Russia today. I guess, it’s just my bias, I am a bit more in the topic. And it’s also possible, that his attitude is more effective, as he doesn’t see it as a ”bloody regime“.
  • About Epstein and ties with intelligence agencies (Mossad, CIA etc). Lex (I agree!!!):

So, this is a view of the world with the intelligence organizations is ultra competent… my view is they are not ultra complex, they’re exceptionally well funded… but they are not the A-students of the world.

Lex is good. And what I liked about this podcast - Tim Dillon asks such questions, that you wouldn’t hear it from anyone else (and wouldn’t ask yourself), which makes it unique and extra interesting.