Long time no see…

  • Big discussion about climate change. Didn’t like his rhetoric about “climate is everything”, “environment is everything”. It’s true that models are simplified view of the world (if we could solve problems without models - we would), but it may be very effective. Criticism of the particular model is completely fine, but dismissing it on a basis that it doesn’t include everything - ridiculous.

  • Music, dance and meaning of life: music based on patterns, and in the world there are patterns all around, so music is the representation of the real world. And the quote:

    And birds dance, it’s not just human beings, you know. So this is a deep thing.

    What is interesting about this quote - what to consider deep - thinking (high level cognitive operation) or genetics/instincts?

The Bible is the precondition for the manifestation of truth.

  • An interesting conversation about the Bible being the root of the Western Civilization, because all written work refers to it (yet another hierarchy).
  • TIL Guy Ritchie makes barbecue, actual fire table. To bring people together in circle around the fire. Nice :)

There is no difference between writing and thinking. And there is no difference between thinking and not failing. So, you let your thoughts die instead of you.

  • Discussion about school shooters, their darkness etc.
  • And of course, about how left is crazy :)

Epic 4 hours. Takes on stories from Bible are interesting, but don’t touch me emotionally. Only as an intellectual endeavor.