This podcast is in Russian. You may read about Ekaterina in wiki. It’s title is “Black February”.

  • How did we come to it? Don’t fall for “it all led to this moment, it couldn’t happen otherwise” — do not remove agency, do not remove responsibility. One person concentrated a lot of power and there was no one to hit him on the hand.
  • Inconsistent with reality memo from Russian War-History Society, that uses terms that is used by Russian Propaganda.
  • It looks like “opinion leaders” weren’t prepared for this war. Which may indicate that decision-makers aren’t concerned about “how it looks”. Which is scary.
  • Russians have to create an anti-war movement.
  • General advises: stay sane, don’t cut connections with people, even if you’re on the same side - everything may change, be aware of what’s happening around, prepare for a very long dark period of time.

Also, she stated multiple times that we hope that it won’t come to a nuclear weapon.

I’d imagine, that 7-year-younger me would be offended by such passive approach (but I don’t live in Russia for 7+ years already, so I feel it a bit different now).