• What is the civilization crisis now?
  • Free trading worked well for developed world. Once it started working well for developing world (China, India) and not as well for developed world, - developed world decided to pull back from it.
  • People don’t see themselves in the future. All talks are about AI, crypto, bio-tech, etc but there’s no people there (apart from basic income)

    It’s much worse psychologically to feel that you’re useless than to feel that you’re exploited.

  • For example, in Soviet Union it was a dark present, but on all posters you could see the future for the workers, for the people.
  • The anxiety of the modern era about job displacement differs from the industrialization era, because displaced farmed back then could go to a city and become a factory worked, for example, the new job didn’t require a huge reeducation. However, with AI/automation now, displaced truck driver needs to learn coding?!
  • Re-program society to switch from “job is the most important thing” to “something else is the most important thing” (raising children, community work etc). The question is whether society ready for that.
  • Beware of populists! :) It’s useful to be in a state of bewilderment, to be alert, basically of what’s going on, to search for the answers and to not rely on a single person (savior). Think for yourself! :)
  • The most important though to implant to listeners: you have to know yourself better than anyone else. And now there is a competition by government/corporations for knowing you, and you have to be ahead in this competition. Meditation is one way of doing that.