If some people require to take them with a grain of salt, I don’t know how much more you need to take when you listen to an intelligence officer talking. OMG, the amount of dishonesty and deceit I had to endure during this episode… And the most annoying thing is that it’s done in a manner, when you’re given some real data with WTF conclusions or something that only seems reasonable conclusion. Anyway, this is the general mood.

  • On Russia vs Ukraine: on the one hand it’s a good to have “sober” and “pessimistic” take on something that you care deeply about. Maybe I’m biased, but my immediate thought was like: as always, “military”/whatever downplay successes to acquire more budget. But again, the problems of Ukraine in a short/long term are laid out somewhat correctly.
  • Undercover disguises part was actually good.
  • Privacy part made me really angry. “NSA doesn’t care if you don’t pay taxes” - OMG, you really want anyone to believe that people who work at NSA care about people and security? MLK example is not good enough? Any collected data will be used against you if necessary. And Lex didn’t push back enough, which is sad.
  • And the way he depicts Snowden (factually incorrect) says it all: he is biased af.

Still, sometimes it’s good to hear from the “other side”.