• (Some?) Liberals in West love to protect wearing burka/whatever as “cultural” thing, ignoring oppression completely.
  • A TED talk by Sam Harris in which he talks about ability to determine morals without referring to religion.
  • Even in Western countries (Canada) it’s very hard to escape home abuse related to a religion (even canadian judge said something like “it’s ok because you’re coming from this culture”). Imagine how hard it’s to escape in less developed countries (by chance I read Russian story about such escape yesterday).
  • Her husband (forced marriage by her mom) appeared to be Al-Qaeda member…
  • Sam Harris arguments with Ben Affleck triggered her to speak out, because all her Facebook friends kind of praise Ben Affleck and condemned “racist Sam Harris”.
  • Amazing comparison between Megan Phelps-Roper story (escaping cult founded by a white man) and Yasmine’s: left responded differently. Because it’s easy to condemn white-people wrongdoing and somehow it’s hard to do so for “another culture” (Ben Affleck’s case).

Original podcast, now it’s “rebroadcasted” (here and on youtube).