Advanced explanation how to measure utilization (with Instruction Per Cycle metric).

Rare type of detective articles on chasing bug. Amazing thriller and amazing final.

A good big article/research about serialization libraries for JVM.

Good summary about well-known “Laws”.

“Funny” how developers decisions and technological ignorance could make harder a life of innocent people.

Simple explaination of JMock and Mockito paradigms.

High-end gamedev. Senior developer view.

A sad story about Internet’s future.

Interesting thoughts about clouds and it’s place in our lives.

What is to be a software developer :)

A good entry point to the discussion about politeness. Particularly in Linux Kernel.

Interesting details about GitHub stack and infrastructure. A good point that it’s better to stick to a certain technology stack (language set) than trying to use everything new. And also a good point on focusing on a main business (scaling and presentation git) and took everything else from the outside.

Some explanations about how things work in Scala.

Stand-up software development justification.

A good thoughts about CAP theorem by Martin Kleppmann. What C, A and P exactly mean.